From CEO

New way to interact with music MFU Music Solution!!

With the rapid development of Information Processing, and moving away from the two track(L/R) based database, standardization, and etc; the contemporary music industry is predicted to change in order to provide easy access to more freedom, experience and an entertaining Multi-Track Service.

Having been a composer, guitarist, album producer and music professor throughout my career,, , I have continuously strived to research and develop a Multi-Track Solution Sound System which allows users easy access to individually control separated tracks in order to create new music in a more practical manner.

MFU Sound Solution provides special entertainment to the public, serves as an advanced educational tool to students as well as instructors. It also allows composers/arrangers, singers, performers, video producers, and artists to work in more flexible and diverse ways when producing various multimedia contents.

MFU Sound Player provides functions such as: playback for each track, individual source control, recording, uploading and file saving. These functions allow consumers to use the dual structure of PC and mobile platforms to overcome the barriers of knowledge and skill between professionals and amateurs as well as artists and the public in order to propose a new paradigm.

Additionally, UCC created a solution that will minimize users' inconvenience and costs.. In this system, we establish the profit of copyrights to newly created music which will be returned to the producers in order to maximize value.

The MFU productions members as well as I will promise to honor the company’s core beliefs that values the customer more than anything. We will do our best to further enhance the individual track source production along with the sound solution.